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Place of birth: Portsmouth, England
Now living: Cambridgeshire, England

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Angel Souls and Devil Hearts by Christopher Golden (Shadow Saga)

In the second book of The Shadow Saga the Shadows have been exposed as living amongst us and the ancient vampiric race now finds itself threatened by the most powerful demon of all: human prejudice. In a world where the good are no longer distinguishable from the bad and where Shadows are indeed the saints, a holy war is about to begin, pitting ...


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Of Saints and Shadows by Christopher Golden (Shadow Saga)

The holy are killing the Vampires, hunting them down and in brutalizing evil ways....A book has been stolen from the seemingly safe secret volt of the Vatican. But not just any book: this book could change the world as we know it. Full of secrets that have been hidden from the world with only a select few being able to re...


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Frostbite by Richelle Mead (The Vampire Academy Series)

Rose’s core beliefs are shattered when she and Dimitri (a tall dark and truly god like Guardian) stumble across a savage and well thought out massacre.This has a rippling effect across the world of Moroi (mortal vampires) and Dhampir (½ human ½vampire). With threats happening to Royal Moroi decisions are made to flee t...


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Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead (The Vampire Academy Series)

After being on the run for two years Rose and Lissa have been found and are dragged (literally) back into the iron gates of St Vladimir's Academy.Rose and Lissa soon learn that being on the run was a lot simpler than hiding secrets and safer than living with-in reach of the unknown enemy. With no escape they both have to learn to deal...


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