Of Saints and Shadows by Christopher Golden (Shadow Saga: Book 1)

The holy are killing the Vampires, hunting them down and in brutalizing evil ways....

A book has been stolen from the seemingly safe secret volt of the Vatican. But not just any book: this book could change the world as we know it. Full of secrets that have been hidden from the world with only a select few being able to research and use the book to do Gods work. Priest Liam Mulkerrin needs to find this book and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it back. Having researched the book he has awoken powers within himself of sorcery and is leaving a brutal and disturbing trail of death behind him. Not all that is evil is bad and not all that is heavenly is good....

Detective Peter Octavian has been fighting with his guilt of what he is (a Vampire) for many many years and has dedicated his life in protecting humans and preserving live itself. Whilst working he stumbles across this path of murders, both human and vampire alike, and is trying to solve them but unbeknown to him he is getting closer to the book. Within it many Questions could be answered. With an all out war on the horizon things are beginning to get a little tense...

This is no book for the faint hearted. I can normally pick up a book and read it in 1-2 days, not this book, it is complex and requires time to absorb the information plus the many characters. It is full of murder, mystery, violence, passion - you name, it is in there somewhere! Although I found this book hard to grasp in the beginning, the reward at the end is unbelievable. Well worth a read but not suitable for younger readers. 18+.

8/10 Although I found this book hard to grasp in the beginning the reward at the end is unbelievable.

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As a young adult (your results may vary) reading this book I had locks torn off doors that I was politely knocking on! Coming from a history of being raised Lutheran (Take a kid who questions EVERYTHING and put him in a church founded by someone who questioned EVERYTHING... What do you get??? Someone who learns the love of the mystical realms yet still gets abused for loving AD&D). This book hooked me with the introduction of a hard-boiled detective story, yet quickly delved into historical fantasy via personified touchstones, such as a Wild Bill Hickok and Horatius At The Bridge, complete with character development for these "time-diverse" leads. Add to this mix the idea that the Catholic Church has been keeping some wickedly nasty secrets (which leads to the Vampires realizing that they have been drinking the Kool-aid) and you get an epic struggle where the lines of Good vs. Evil are muddied beyond all belief! A brilliant series, but not recommended for the dogmatic!
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