Angel Souls and Devil Hearts by Christopher Golden (Shadow Saga: Book 2)

8/10 Very dramatic and action packed.

In the second book of The Shadow Saga the Shadows have been exposed as living amongst us and the ancient vampiric race now finds itself threatened by the most powerful demon of all: human prejudice. In a world where the good are no longer distinguishable from the bad and where Shadows are indeed the saints, a holy war is about to begin, pitting humans and vampires together against the dark forces of Hell. And as they fight for their survival in the face of a betrayal by one of their own, the Shadows begin to discover at last the astonishing, long-hidden truth of what they are. What they will learn about their mysterious origins is more extraordinary -- and more explosive -- than they could possibly have imagined.

Five years to come to terms with Shadows (vampires to you and me!) roaming the Earth, five years to recover from the war in Venice, five years to mourn the loss of Peter Octavian, five years gone and now all HELL is breaking lose! This time Liam is back with more power than was ever deemed possible and he is seemingly unstoppable. The only person who may be able to stop him is already dead... But they thought Liam was dead so is there a chance that Peter's alive too?

With the foundations of this new world already set out in the first book it makes it possible for the second book just to dive head first straight back into the action. And boy does it. With people returning from Hell, Shadows turning on people and raising from the mountains it is certainly action packed. Throughout the book you follow the path of many characters and, although this can sometimes can be a little confusing, you may wonder where the author is going but rest assured it, all makes perfectly good sense as the story pulls itself together in the end, making a very dramatic and action packed finish which leaves you waiting thirstily for the third instalment.

But be warned… This is a heavy book and I don't mean in terms of weight - not suitable for under 18's.

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Christopher Golden's Shadow Saga series

Of Saints and Shadows

Shadow Saga: Book 1

Angel Souls and Devil Hearts

Shadow Saga: Book 2

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