The Colour Of Magic by Terry Pratchett (The Discworld Series: Book 1)

Terry Pratchett's first Discworld novel, The Colour Of Magic is set on a world sitting on the backs of four elephants hurtling through space. Rincewind, the wizard and Twoflower, the Discworld's first tourist encounter DEATH and Hrun the Barbarian on their journey through the Discworld.

Twoflower, and his menacing luggage arrive in Ahnk Morpork as the first ever tourist and employ the failed wizard Rincewind as a guide. After Twoflower's wealth causes Ahnk Morpork to set on fire, they embark on an adventure that will involve visits to the Temple of Bel-Shamroth and encounters with trolls, dragons and Krullians.

Terry Pratchett takes the seriousness from the fantasy novel and replaces it with wicked humour. This is an excellent place to start for any reader yet to read a Pratchett novel as it gives the background history of the main characters. The action starts in Ahnk Morpork, a city that becomes firmly implanted in the memory.

This novel is very different from most fantasy novels and a breath of fresh air. A beautifully imagined world and wonderfully described characters, when added to the mix, make this a must read novel. This book can stop you from taking life too seriously.

By now the whole of downtown Morpork was alight, and the richer and worthier citizens of Ankh on the far bank were bravely responding to the situation by feverishly demolishing the bridges. But already the ships in the Morpork docks-laden with grain, cotton and timber, and coated with tar-were blazing merrily and, their moorings burnt to ashes, were breasting the river Ankh on the ebb tide, igniting riverside palaces and bowers as they drifted like drowning fireflies toward the sea. In any case, sparks were riding the breeze and touching down far across the river in hidden gardens and remote rickyards.
The Colour of Magic

Be careful! Once you have read and enjoyed one Discworld novel you may find yourself making your way through the whole series.

9/10 A fantastic book that stops you from taking life too seriously

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from England

This book was my 1st experience of Discworld and it is my favourite although I havent read all of them (yet). Really enjoyed the characters and the humour.
9/10 ()

from England

Wow! What a book to start my obsession for Terry Pratchett books! I think it was hilarious, the characters were awesome, a rubbish cowardly wizard, a very optimistic tourist, a walking chest and more. How could you not like this book??
9/10 ()

from England

Working my way through the series in no particular order which fits the mood... this isn't the best of the lot, but if you reach the end and haven't laughed out loud at least once you might like to try checking for a pulse. 'Life-enhancing' is a sorely overused term these days, but in the case of Terry Pratchett's work I think it's more than justified.
9/10 ()

from Poland

If you want to read 'Discworld' series, you must start with 'The Colour Of Magic'. If you do not want to read the series, still you must read this book.
10/10 ()

from The Lake District

WOW!!! Fantasy and wit and humour... all in one! An amazing book and I am now on a never-ending quest to try and finish the rest of the Discworld series!
10/10 ()

from Pittsburgh

I suggest this book not only to existing Discworld fans, but any fan of fantasy and satire. It successfully pokes fun at every aspect of the genre it can reach and does so in a way that is both intelligent and genuinely laugh out loud funny. This book actually works better as a stand-alone than as part of the Discworld series, because his later novels (while still quite good) don't quite reach the same all-encompassing level of genre mockery and settle into a sort of self-contained humor within the context of existing characters and plot.
9/10 ()

from Australia

Going back and reading this again after a number of years, I find that The Colour of Magic has not lost any of its charm. While not as good as recent Discworld novels, this is where it all starts and still provides great insight into the unique mind of Terry Pratchett.
7/10 ()

from Leamington Spa

Love it. love it, loved it! My older brother used to read fantasy books and I tried a few but never got into it. I saw this in his room one day and liked the cover and found the description on the back really funny so gave it a go. It's how fantasy books should be, full of laughter (for the reader) and wonderful characters. Although Mort and Reaper Man are still my favourites The Colour of Magic is where it all began and a great introduction to the Discworld and its strange and colourful inhabitants.
8/10 ()

8.8/10 from 9 reviews

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