Superman: Camelot Falls Vol. 2 The Weight of the World by Various

7/10 This one's definitely for the girls!

Written by Kurt Busiek; Art and cover by Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino

The epic storyline concludes in this volume collecting SUPERMAN #662-664, 667-668 and SUPERMAN ANNUAL #13! The Man of Steel defends Metropolis from harm, but now faces a dilemma: are his heroics only making things worse?

Starting with an update from the previous issues, Superman feels he has to contend with those foes at some point or other - Subjeckt - 17 who could still be around even though Arion had managed to teleport him away. Bizarro might still be lurking, and he has no idea who wanted him to kill him and the Prankster who has been dogging his steps for some time.

Arion is the future foe to Superman and he has a stark message to bring, for he could be brought to rights, mankind has to fall, and Superman has to make a decision for what he wants to do. Arion has some soul searching of his own to do though as he discovers through another that his body has died when he defeated his last foe and was reduced to being able to work through the power of enchanted objects.

Back in time he was a very powerful entity, yet he has had the time to grow despondent and to hate the humans as well as other races alien to him. When Superman meets Arion, he tells him a decision has been reached, and he's not pleased with it - when the though of an alliance could be forged. Arion decides to best Superman by beating him in front of his beloved humans to prove his mastery over him, and the unfortunate realisation that he could kill him and destroy the inhabitants of earth to 'cleanse' it of the human race, and build anew.

This particular graphic novel has one of the age old clichés, two men who disagree (Superman/Subjeckt - 17) and (Superman/Arion) and even though Arion has seen well into the future when using his powers, Superman doesn't believe the human race should die so he can be proved right. Superman though is not one who encourages friendship in others after fighting Subjeckt - 17 and winning he is given a warning, that he will find him again, and he will pay for what he has done along with the rest of humanity. Readers will feel for Subjeckt  - 7 as he has led a life run by scientists who have experimented on him, hurt him and as he sees it used him. He has little sympathy for humans, even though the ones who experimented on him weren't the ones who evil in the world. They had nothing to do with Subjeckt - 17's torture, yet his hatred of those scientists makes him hate all humans alike, and Superman's valuing the humans incenses him enough to want revenge. One point of note is Arion the villain in this novel is a rather handsome and sensual character who minces around in a frilled shirt, skin tight pants with enhanced codpiece (not kidding here) and knee high boots.

Comic books for the most part were often seen as for the young men out there, but this one's definitely for the girls!

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