The Complete James Bond: Dr No The Classic Comic Strip Collection 1958-60 by Various (The Complete James Bond)

Before I get into my review of this collection, I must confess to being a huge fan of Ian Fleming's creation: James Bond. I was aware of the comic strip version of Bond, but, until now, had never come across it. After reading Martin Asbury's excellent and informative foreword, I was eager to delve into the treasures this collection promised.

What becomes immediately apparent is just what a different world the fifties and early sixties were. Bond drinks and smokes as he did in the novels. The attitudes too are very different to a twenty first century audience. Fleming was never renowned for his political correctness but that is what makes this collection all the more intriguing.

It really is like a time-capsule of ideas, beliefs and style of a bygone era. Austerity and food rationing did not end until the mid fifties and the cinema mainly screened gritty black and white kitchen sink dramas. To see Bond in action in exotic locations across the globe must have been thrilling to readers of all ages back then. Bond's mass appeal is already evident, and these remember were produced years before the first Bond film was released.

The artwork is excellent, I was particularly impressed with the underwater sequences. This cartoon Bond has the piratical air that Fleming alluded to coupled with the style and panache of a gentleman.

This comic strip introduced a much wider audience to something that may only have enjoyed a niche following. I was delighted to finally be introduced to the comic strip version of Bond and it is clear just how vital this strip was to the wider success of the character in the public's consciousness. This collection really is priceless for Bond aficionados. If you haven't already done so, it is time to meet the comic strip Bond - you will like him!

Ian Fleming's The Complete James Bond
The Classic Comic Strip Collection 1958 - 60

Written by Anthony Hearn, Henry Gammidge and Peter O'Donnell
Illustrated by John McLusky
Published by Titan Books

10/10 This collection really is priceless for Bond aficionados

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