Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl Series: Book 4)

Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception is the fourth book in the Artemis Fowl series, and it showcases Fowl's uncanny ability to always find a special kind of trouble. Each book in this series has been better than the last, and the Opal Deception is no different, building on the events from the three previous books to tell an intriguing stories involving a bunch of characters we really love.


The story picks up some time after the events of the third book. Artemis is still suffering from amnesia and lost all knowledge of the fairy underworld, But, true to form, he continues to pursue his many and varied illegal conquests with his trusty bodyguard Butler at his side. That said, the fairy world has not forgotten the infamous Artemis Fowl, particularly his arch nemesis Opal Koboi who has somehow managed to escape prison and is bent on revenge at any cost.

This is a fun story, made that much better because every facet from the previous novels has been improved on. The depth of character is increased. The story is more complex and convoluted than ever before, and yet it is conveyed in a fashion that is easily understood and appreciated. And Colfer also manages to extend the magic system in subtle ways, providing a greater depth in world building if you care to look. It is a testament to Colfer's ability that he is able to learn from each previous novel, remove all of the faulty parts, and improve on the other parts that were already working just fine.

Just like Jon Spiro in the previous book, Opal Koboi proves to be a very worthy adversary for Artemis, especially with Artemis being hamstrung by his amnesia. While Spiro came across as a somewhat comical adversary whose elaborate plans are undone via slapstick and buffoonery, Koboi is much colder, much more ruthless, and you know that regardless of the outcome, Koboi is going to make you pay. Koboi brings a darker tone to these books, which takes away part of the fun and jovial nature, but makes the book a lot more fascinating. Hopefully Colfer continues to use Koboi in alternating books, because using her every book may make things way too serious.

The Artemis Fowl books are a guilty pleasure of mine, one that I'm feeling less guilty about because each book keeps getting better and better. These books might be marketed towards middle-grade kids, but the storytelling is of a universal quality, and I highly endorse these books for readers of all ages.

9/10 Each book in this series has been better than the last, and the Opal Deception is no different.

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