Her Majesty the King by Patricia L ONeill (The Hatshepsut Trilogy: Book 1)

“Sometimes obedience is the most dangerous choice of all.”

Egypt’s rulers have always been a fascination of mine, so it will come as no surprise to you all that I have read a book that shows how the Ancient Egyptians really lived.

Based on historical fact and detail, Patricia L O’Neill has written a riveting tale of the female king, Hatshepsut. For those of you who are not aware of who Hatshepsut is, she was one of only three ruling Kings of Egypt who caused quite a stir in the royal kingdom. The Female King of both Upper and Lower Egypt ruled for 22 years, with Tuthmoisis III taking over her rule.

This tale of a young and beautiful Hatshepsut is a tale of devastation, heartbreak and survival. Torn between her duty to her kingdom and her love for a commoner, Hatshepsut must rise against all the evil forces that surround her and threaten her ascent to the Egyptian throne. Her desire to love a man that is not suited for her will cost Hatshepsut much more than she realises. Hatshepsut must learn to control her emotions and the true powers she posses as the daughter of a great Pharaoh and the daughter of Amun-Re.

A balancing act of fiction and emotion, Her Majesty the King will keep you riveted throughout, leaving you heartbroken and the despairing for this young Pharaoh who goes through so much to gain her rightful place in Egypt.

Her love for her country and the one man she can never legally marry will leave you wondering what lengths is a woman willing to go to in order to survive, succeed and most of all, hold the love of a nation and a commoner.

Will she over come her abuser? Will she ascend to the throne that is rightfully hers? Will she become a power that is not to be reckoned with?

The tale of Anthony and Cleopatra’s love and conquest was, and always will be a riveting tale but the survival of Hatshepsut and her commoner proves to be even greater story. Her Majesty the King is a beautifully written and delightfully paced historical novel that will give you strength.

9/10 A beautifully written and delightfully paced historical novel.

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