The Eye of Re by Patricia L ONeill (The Hatshepsut Trilogy: Book 3)

“When those who seek to destroy her achievements, history remembers.”

The female Pharaoh Hatshepsut has crushed a bloody rebellion, but she invoked the treacherous god Seth to annihilate her enemies. Now he is devouring her soul. But she needs Seth's power even more to defeat the warlords of Canaan and Syria, who have vowed to destroy the woman who dares rule over men. And what better revenge than to burn alive Hatshepsut's own daughter as a sacrifice to their savage gods? Hatshepsut must find a way to smash Egypt's brutal enemies without becoming a monster herself.

She is the rightful ruler of both Upper and Lower Egypt, she is a divine God, and she is Hatshepsut.

In The Eye of Re, Hatshepsut pushes the boundaries of her reign as pharaoh of Egypt, with an expedition to the land of Punt, to prove her worth to those who still doubt her; Hatshepsut’s courage will leave you breathless.

With her empire flourishing, her enemies conjure a plan to take her only daughter and sacrifice her to Seth; with two of her closest companies vying for her love, Hatshepsut’s journey as pharaoh and a mother and the lines she swore she would never cross become more entangled with the web becoming harder to enweave.

Will she face her enemies on the front lines? Will she listen to her heart? Will she allow herself to feel the joy and pain that comes with motherhood, kings and the all mighty God?

A breath taking journey into a world that once was, an astonishing recreation of events and a mother’s love will leave you reaching for the tissue box.

The battle for her empire was ignited when rival nations seeking to destroy her and all that she has built. With those closest to her in most danger, Hatshepsut must not only defeat her mortal enemies, but the god of war; Seth, and save her own Ka.

9/10 Hatshepsut's courage will leave you breathless.

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