Kushiel's Avatar by Jacqueline Carey (Kushiel's Legacy: Book 3)

“It ended with a dream.”

Phedre’s journey to save her country and the Queen who took pity on her continues with a new danger.

Phedre’s journey takes a dangerous turn for all concerned.

Her path has been strange and filled with danger and inner battles that only Phedre can deal with. In her search to free her dear friend Hyacinthe from the Master of the Straights Curse, Phedre must undertake a perilous journey into a world she does not understand, but with her trusted Josceline by her side, all is not lost.

The Journey is dark and the Gods have chosen Phedre as their pawn in the greater game of lust, love, ambition, truth and lies. Torn between the love for her dear Josceline and the truth to save her longest friend, Phedre must once more undertake a journey of perils, darkness and find the one name no one dares to speak.

With the help from old and new friends, Phedre’s final quest tests her scarlet mote beyond measure. Once at the Queens mercy, now the Queens right hand in defeating the evil that threatens Terre d’Ange, Phedre’s skills as a courtesan and Kushiel’s Chosen prove to be a formidable force. Kushiel’s Avatar is sure to pull some heartstrings along the deadly journey. With the darkness, there is always light.

Love as thou wilt, Naamah had told her people, descendents of Angels and Gods, the D’Angeline beauty was fierce and gentle.

Love as thou wilt.

9/10 A great end to a fantastic trilogy.

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