Kushiel's Scion by Jacqueline Carey (Treason�s Heir: Book 1)

“ What does it mean to be good?”

In the darkness their will always be light. In Phedre’s journey to save the land she loved so dearly and free her friend from a curse proved to be more than Phedre had envisioned. Melisande still lurks around the corners, but Imriel de la Courcels is the only one who can bring the memory of his beautiful and malicious mother’s treachery to an end. Third in line for the throne of Terre d’Ange and the adopted son of Phedre and Josceline, Kushiel’s Scion is the tale of a young man trying to make his own mark on the world that is so dead set against him because of his mother’s ambitions.

There are many, who would see the young prince dead, but Imriel shares his mother’s beauty and wit and the royal court eyes him very carefully.

Searching for wisdom, truth and his true self, Imriel finds that the smallest of words have the greatest of implications, and those that you trust during the night, might return to murder you in the day.

A tale of love, intrigue and judgment, Imriel will have to find the courage to defeat the memory of his treacherous mother and find the true Imriel that lies within himself.

In his bid to maintain his innocence and his life, Imriel faces many dangers, but none as dangerous as his love for the Princess, Sidone.

The search for the truth is never an easy one, love as thou wilt.

9/10 A tale of love, intrigue and judgment.

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