Kushiel's Justice by Jacqueline Carey (Treason�s Heir: Book 2)

“Betimes it seemed impossible that one person's mere flesh could contain so many selves. Mine did, though.”

“I was Prince Imriel de la Courcel, third in line for the throne of Terre d'Ange, betrothed to wed a princess of Alba and beget heirs to that kingdom with her. And, too, I was Imriel nó Montrève, adopted son of Comtesse Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève and her consort, Joscelin Verreuil.”

Imriel is torn between escaping his past and creating his future. The memory of his mother’s betrayal still lingers in his memory and his life. Imriel has faced many dangers in his young life, and the one he faces now doesn’t fall short.

Torn with the injustices of the past, Imriel journey to find his true self will leave you wondering whether or not you could endure and forgive as he does. Despite his childhood, Imriel finds that there is great compassion in a cruel world and that the god’s don’t always play the game fair. In his memories, Imriel learns that love is the greatest weapon anyone can use to wield the world. With the journey to self- discovery, Imriel and his love for his once very stubborn Sidone transforms him into the man he has been searching for.

The only problem is that he is betrothed to another, one that he does not love. With his nation looking to him to right the wrongs of his mother’s past, Imriel must undertake the journey of the man with two faces in the mirror and face his greatest test ever, how far is one willing to go to repent for the past?

A tale of intrigue and heart breaking ending, Kushiel’s Justice will wow the audiences with an ending no one expected, nor predicted.

9/10 A tale of intrigue and heart breaking ending.

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