Kushiel's Chosen by Jacqueline Carey (Kushiel's Legacy: Book 2)

“I have known what it is to have all that I posses torn from me.”

Nammah’s will Love as thou Wilt was the one rule all D’Angeline followed and respected. In this second journey of self-indulgence and discovery, Phedre must use all her training learned in the arts of the bedchamber and tactics learnt from Kushiel as his chosen and find the courage to face her fears and overthrow the plans that stand to ruin the home she loves dearly.

The D’Angeline Queen, although very powerful and beautiful is under threat from the D’Angeline line herself. There are those who believe they are more deserving of the powers that come with ruling Terre d’Ange, Melisande.

A rare beauty as fierce as a python, biding her time to strike, Melisande wants the thrown of Terre d’Ange and is willing to go to great lengths to take it, only Phedre and her companions stand in the way.

With Josceline by Phedre’s side they must not only uncover Melisande’s plot to overthrow the Queen of Terre d’Ange, but also Phedre must maintain her own emotions and desires that lurk behind her scarlet mote.

Pleasure and pain are Phedre’s weakness, but she will never surrender her home and the ones she loves dearly for the price of Melisande’s diamond, or would she?

9/10 A journey of self-indulgence and discovery.

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