Kushiel's Mercy by Jacqueline Carey (Treason's Heir: Book 3)

(8.0/10) A trilogy that will leave you wanting more.

“I have been wed and widowed.”
“I have become a father, almost.”

The final destination of self-discovery brings the greatest heartache for our dear Imriel. The marriage to the young Alban Princess brought him great joy and the soon to be birth of his son, gave Imriel joy he could not suppress, he did love his Alban Princess, but the memory of Sidone still haunted him. The one great love he has never learnt to leave, although circumstances dictate otherwise, the love Imriel shared for his Terre d’Ange Princess and his now dead Alban wife and son is something that Imriel will never forget or forgive.

In this final instalment, Imriel must avenge the death of his wife and unborn son, slain viciously by Berlik, the great bear magician, Imriel must face the demons.
Kushiel’s Mercy will test the boundaries of love and show Imriel the man he has been searching for his entire youth. The Tale of Imriel and his journey to self-discovery will leave you wondering how far can real love last and how much can the human heart bare before it breaks.

A trilogy that will leave you wanting more and have you questioning and perhaps even understanding that there are some great loves in this world that cannot be understood nor forgotten.

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Jacqueline Carey's Treason's Heir series

Kushiel's Mercy

Treason's Heir: Book 3

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