Conception by Matthew Sturges

9/10 A superb series.

For the last two volumes of this superb series, I have combined my review, as I realised that the series was coming to a conclusion.

Volume 7 is called Conception, Fig who we have been following through the House of Mystery, seeing how all these stories have been weaving together is now on her own and having to face her fears, what is her connection to the Conception and who are they in relation to her? As well as finding out what the male members of her family’s mission is. The volume leaves you wondering what is to come and what is happening with all the other cast of characters we have been following?

Desolation is the title of the 8th and last volume of this series. The book starts with a character who has only been a bit player in the last couple of volumes becoming the lead. Lotus Blossom, who was first mentioned as a back story is now running the House of Mystery and it is now an even darker place than it was before. From here we go back and forth through time to find out, how this came about and where Fig is. I enjoyed this last volume as it gave a good structured ending to all the characters that have made this series so enjoyable, as well as reminding us that stories never end they just change and continue.

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