The Beauty of Decay by Matthew Sturges (House of Mystery: Volume 4)

The House of Mystery has moved to another dimension in a last ditch effort to save them all. The house is now in a dead land with new enemies surrounding them and old enemies trying to track them. Again, with different purposes, some still want the house and others still want Fig for powers which have not yet been fully explained.

In this volume, we learn of the back story of the poet and how his life was before he came to be trapped in the house. Fig’s dad again causes trouble for everyone - what dark deal did he sign up to and what were the full terms of the deal Fig made to get them off the dead zone?

The characters in this are still growing and almost accepting Fig as one of their own, although with the changes she has made and is still making how long this will last I couldn't say and with the end of this volume there are 2 main characters who seem to be gone, but in a graphic novel like this, whether they stay gone only time will tell.

This series is always interesting with the interweaving stories bringing more focus on the history of the inhabitants as well as those outside. The bar when it can be found is still the place to hear stories from another world and we are left with an ending which can only change the direction of the stories in future volumes.

9/10 This series is always interesting with its interweaving stories.

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