The Space Between by Matthew Sturges

The Space Between book cover
Rating 9.0/10
Another fantastic creation from the minds of some very talented authors.

Authors: Bill Willingham, Luca Rossi and Matthew Sturges

The newest volume features sex, suspicions and treachery as the characters trapped in a supernatural House of Mystery finally discover how and why they re imprisoned there. This title features the special issue #13, with art by comics superstars Neal Adams and Gilbert Hernandez.

In the third volume of this graphic novel series we slowly begin to learn a few of the many secrets of the House of Mystery. Fig’s Dad turned up in the last volume and although his presence is still not explained he does reveal slightly more about Harry the Bartender - which is very interesting as he is the one main characters in the story, and one that we know the least about.

Fig’s Dad also explains about The Space Between (hence the name of volume 3) which gives more of a clue as to who he and Fig are, although even this is surrounded in more mystery. It just shows just how well constructed these graphic novels are, that they give you just enough to go on with and hint that one day all of the answers may eventually be given.

We also learn more about the Conception, who have not, until this volume, explained why they want to enter the House and why Fig is so important to them. Although who the Conception are is again shrouded in mystery they do seem to be brokers of a kind.

There are still of course all the minor characters who come to drink in the bar, who come from all worlds and all times. This is a great idea as the writers can add their own characters and have them rub shoulders with famous people from our own world. Another fantastic creation from the minds of some very talented authors.


Matthew Sturges is the cowriter (with Bill Willingham) of Jack of Fables and the new monthly comic House of Mystery, both from Vertigo. His other DC Universe work include Shadowpact, Blue Beetle and Justice Society of America.

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