Safe as Houses by Matthew Sturges (House of Mystery: Volume 6)

10/10 I am constantly intrigued about where this graphic novel is heading.

Back into the House of Mystery where countless stories await. If you haven’t been reading the series then please turn back here and start from Volume 1. The series does need to be read in order so please stop reading this review as I don’t want to spoil anything for the uninitiated...

The House of Mystery’s lead character Fig is still being lead by circumstances rather than taking charge of her life. She had to give up her boyfriend so that he could live, friends and acquaintances are still being killed left and right after her forgotten brother’s arrival and subsequent departure. With Fig’s brother Strawberry - one of the darker characters to pass through the house - now residing in the space between, where Fig recently left her father who has now been joined by his father (really not as complicated as this sentence makes out). As we still don’t know Fig’s father's agenda, whether he really is trying to help her or hinder her, this trilogy of the men of her family can only lead to more convoluted stories.

The House of Mystery itself is still situated in the Goblin Market and this time we meet the Queen of the Witches who like everyone else has a plan that involves Fig, we also get reacquainted with a character that hasn't been in the bar for some time. More people from Fig’s past start arriving and she has to start believing in the reality of what she thought were stories, actually happened to her as a child.

Out of the original household who started this adventure with Fig, only Cress and Ann still live in the house. Cress has her own adventure in the past and Ann is still kicking arse. As usual there are the great stories from the people walking into the bar which either compliment the main story or give a different perspective; these should not be skipped over. I am sure I am leaving a good amount out of my reviews, but I am constantly intrigued about where this graphic novel is heading and what makes Fig so significant to so many different factions.

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