Under New Management by Matthew Sturges (House of Mystery: Volume 5)

In this new volume, Fig and her companions have to deal with the new circumstances and location of the House of Mystery which is now situated in the Goblin Market, as well as dealing with Fig’s new co-partner Cain, in the deal she made with the Conception in the last issue. Fig needs to find a way to control Cain’s murderous urges as well as keep the customers who come to tell their stories at least mildly happy.

The Conception, still mysterious, have plans for Fig which have not been clearly stated but seem to be the main antagonists now that Cain has almost got what he wanted. They are bringing new obstacles to confront Fig and challenge her perceptions and we have still not found out the limits of Fig’s powers or what she really is.

With her own estranged family, we have met her father who is now stuck in the dead zone, whether he will have any say in what happens to her future we can only wait and see, his priorities have not yet been made clear. This issue also brings us Fig’s brother Strawberry, but does she have a brother and if so why has no one heard of him before this issue, what additional trouble can he cause?

This issue follows perfectly from volume 4, with some old storylines seemingly tied up and many new ones about to begin, as usual I really have no idea what will happen next but I cannot wait to start on the next volume.

9/10 This issue follows perfectly from volume 4...

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