The Happy Waving Game! by Andrew Davenport


The Happy Waving Game is the forth book in a series of six based on the successful CBeebies television programme. Set in a magical garden that exists in the twilight before a child's bedtime the books contain all your children's favourite characters.

The Happy Waving Game centres on the cheeky and cheerful characters called the Tombliboos. There are three Tombliboos called Un, Oo and Ee; these are based on the phonetic spelling of an infants verbalisation of the numbers One, Two and Three and as such these characters always appear in that particular order. The Tombliboos take a ride in the Pinky Ponk, a rather wonderful zeppelin type mode of transport that sedately fly's around the garden. On their journey the Tombliboos see many of their friends down below in the garden and so begins the waving game with many of the characters being introduced by a sound (that is read) that is familiar to that creature. Especially smile inducing is the inclusion of the Hahoos, a group of billowy, pillowy, sleepy, gentle giant creatures that do not appear in many storylines on television but can be seen dancing at the end of many episodes.

Delightfully engaging for both babies and toddlers the Happy Waving Game invites your child along on the Tombliboo's journey and finishes with the favourite and familiar phrase of “Isn't that a pip?! Pip-pip, onk-onk!'

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