Upsy Daisy Wants To Sing! by Andrew Davenport

Children will delight in the bang crash of the Tombliboo's piano.
Upsy Daisy Wants To Sing! book cover

This book is the sixth title in the In The Night Garden series written by Andrew Davenport and is based on the successful children's television also written by the author.

This book sees the permanently cheerful Upsy Daisy, best friend of Igglepiggle and a reoccurring character in all the In The Night Garden books, take her megaphone and stand into the garden to sing to all her friends. Eveyone is enjoying Upsy Daisy's singing until the Tombliboos get a little carried away and join in with their rather eclectic style of piano playing, which means no one can hear Upsy Daisy's song. All's well that ends well as before long the Tombliboos abandon their piano in favour of joining in the singing with Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and the Pontipines.

This is a great book for little ones to really join in the fun and parents are expected to join in too, this is not a book to be self conscious about reading aloud! If you are viewers of the television series, which most people who purchase this title will be, you may well be aware that Upsy Daisy sounds rather like Hilda Ogden when she sings, a fact your child knows too so beware if you try to sing along in a subdued manner! The story, of course, ends with the familiar phrase of 'Isn't that a pip?!' which, older children will enjoy replying with 'Pip-pip, onk-onk!'

Children will love this book and be delighted to join in with the singing and the bang crash of the Tombliboo's piano in this once again excellent book from the In The Night Garden series.

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